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Debian Project Leader IRC debate cancelled

Hey everybody.

Just as a bit of background, Manoj Srivastava (the Debian Project Secretary)
has for the last couple of years delegated the task of running the Debian
Project Leader realtime/IRC debate to myself.

This year we've seen an amazing amount of email traffic to
debian-vote@lists.debian.org, including excellent participation both on the
part of the candidates as well as on the part of the electorate. Almost
every conceivable question relevant to the elections and the candidates'
platforms have been asked and answered (in a few cases, multiple times ;).

With this in mind, and given the time constraints of all people involved,
this year's IRC debate will not take place. After discussion with the
candidates and those who most actively participated in last year's debate,
it was decided that a debate this year would be of little benefit to the

If there are still questions you want the candidates to answer and debate
over (I've received only one in the past few weeks), I'd encourage you to
send a message to debian-vote@lists.debian.org. Please, though, make at
least a cursory check of the archives[1] (if you have a Debian account, you
can download the list archives in mbox format from master.debian.org[2]).
Specifically, those messages which are typically entitled as "questions for
the candidates" and those messages which start threads.


    David B. Harris

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2004/debian-vote-200403/threads.html
[2] master.debian.org:~debian/lists/debian-vote/debian-vote.200403

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