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debian-installer beta 3 released

The Debian Installer team is once again ready to announce a beta release
of the Debian sarge installer. New features in beta 3 include:

  - new easy to use partitioner that supports automatic partitioning and LVM
  - grub as the default boot loader on i386
  - wireless networking support
  - 2.4.25 kernel, with SATA support and security fixes
  - support for the XFS filesystem
  - support for these architectures: i386, ia64, sparc, m68k (mac), mips, alpha
  - fully translated to 25 languages
  - a boot logo (by Mark Riedesel)
  - a draft installation manual

This release fixes all of the posted errata in beta 2 of the
Debian Installer, and many other bugs besides. We anticipate that most
users will find it a great improvement from past betas. Please send us
a report of how your installation goes, so we can strive to make it
even better.

How to try out the beta:
 - Download one of the CDs or other images from
 - Read the INSTALLATION HOWTO and errata before installing.
 - File an install report as a bug against the pseudo-package
   'installation-reports' in the Debian bug tracking system. If your
   installation was successful, there will be a template for install
   reports in /root/install-report.template. This template is also
   available on the web. Please use this template when filing
   installation reports.

We appreciate all the testing and feedback we've received for past
versions of the installer, and hope this one is the best one yet!

For the Debian Installer team,
	Joey Hess

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