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Status of the GR vote, Quorum, statistics, and other issues

Hi folks,

	We are well into the second day of the constitutional
 amendment general resolution to disambiguate section 4.1.5.  The web
 page for the vote (http://www.debian.org/vote/2003/vote_0003) has
 been updated.

	Some of the interesting tidbits are that the quorum
 determination method has been automated, and it shows:
  Current Developer Count = 922
  Q ( sqrt(#devel) / 2 )  = 15.182226450689
  K ( 3 x Q )             = 45.5466793520669

	Also, there is a list of all the 922 developers who have 
   a) got a key in the debian keyring
   b) Belong to group 800 according to Debian LDAP (the Debian group)
   c) Have the fingerprint of their key registered in LDAP
 The complete list, and the fingerprints of the corresponding keys,
 can be seen at http://www.debian.org/vote/2003/gr_sec415_quorum.log

	That page also has a link to the statistics being kept about
 this vote (http://master.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/gr_sec415.html),
 where you can see an hourly updated view of the rate at which ballots
 are being received, the numbers of ballots passing through the
 various stages of processing, and the names of the people who have
 voted so far (http://master.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/gr_sec415_voters.txt)

	At the time of writing, 94 ballots have been received, 17
 rejections sent, 72 votes tallied for 69 unique votes. A further 5
 votes are awaiting manual scrutiny (see below).

	There is a dummy tally sheet in place while the voting period
 is open, which shall be replaced by the real thing when the voting is

	One of the glitches that has shown up in this vote is that if
 people sign the ballot with a sub key, and the fingerprint of that
 sub key is not registered in LDAP, the stable version of GPG
 (vote.debian.org runs woody) does not provide information about the
 primary key, so Devotee has no way of correlating the signing key
 with the LDAP information. This shows up as the difference between
 ballots that have passed the gpg check, and thse that have passed
 LDAP scrutiny on the statistics page.

	Devotee (DEbian VOTE Engine) is now available on a public
 source code repository, namely srivasta@debian.org--2003-primary at
 http://arch.debian.org/arch/private/srivasta/archive-2003/. The vote
 is being conducted with the latest patch release from the devel
 branch of devotee.

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