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Proposal - Free the Debian Open Use logo

 Debian Open Use Logo License

 Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
-This logo or a modified version may be used by anyone to refer to the
-Debian project, but does not indicate endorsement by the project.
+This logo or a modified version may be used by anyone, but does not
+indicate endorsement by the Debian project.

 Note: we would appreciate that you make the image a link
 to http://www.debian.org/ if you use it on a web page.
+Note: this copyright license does not grant a trademark license.  If
+it is applied to a trademark, you should be sure that you are not
+violating trademark rights.

The old Open Use logo was not DFSG-free, so we really shouldn't be
shipping it in main.  The proposed license keeps the spirit of the old
one, while not restricting the logo's use.

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