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SPI membership / vote

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Debian is a member project of Software in the Public Interest, Inc, which is 
a non-profit corporation under US law that was created to provide legal and 
financial existence for projects like Debian.  More information about SPI is
available on the web at 


While many of you are able to accomplish your Debian work without any 
conscious awareness of SPI, the Debian project depends on SPI for various 
services including the establishment of legal relationships on behalf of 
Debian, and the handling of Debian's funds.

Two important things are happening right now regarding SPI that I want to 
bring to your attention...  a committee is forming to review the SPI bylaws
and to recommend changes that make the organization more effective, and an 
election of new members for the SPI board of directors will occur soon.

To vote in the election for new board members and other matters like the 
possible bylaws changes in the future, you need to be a "contributing member" 
of SPI.  All registered Debian developers have the right to be contributing 
members.  To exercise that right, follow the simple process articulated on 
SPI's membership web page:


I encourage every Debian developer who wants to have a say in SPI's future 
to join SPI as a contributing member *immediately*, then go catch up on 
recent spi-general mailing list discussions at:


Thank you for your time, and your attention.

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