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Second Bug Squashing Party for Sarge, 22-24 November


Our second Bug Squashing Party for the Sarge release will take place
during the next weekend (22-24 of November).

Since the first BSP, a few things have happened:
 - the RC bug graph [0] was reenabled, showing a frightening number of
   bugs that need to be dealt with (614 as of this writing)
 - aj marked a number of buggy packages for removal and removed those
   that didn't get a fix in time
 - the RC bug count hasn't gone down noticeably

So, it's time to wield your squashing weapons and start getting rid of
these bugs.

We'll meet in #debian-bugs in the OFTC IRC network [1] (beware, not
irc.debian.org, but irc.oftc.net) during the next weekend, and will try
to tackle as many bugs as possible.

As before, the usual BSP rules apply:
 - you can use http://bugs.debian.net/ to show other participants on
   what package you are working. The channel's topic will have general
   instructions on how to use this system.
 - work on the oldest bugs first, and inform the maintainer by mail
   about your plans.
 - get your fixes right; that is _TEST_ your changes, and keep them
   at a minimum (don't repackage the app, just fix the RC bug).
 - mail your changes (in unidiff format) to the BTS, so the maintainer
   can easily see what changes were made to his package.
 - do not upload to incoming directly, use the DELAYED queue (4 or 5
   days should be ok).

Remember it's not just about fixing bugs. Bug triaging may be helpful:
there can be open bugs that have been already fixed, or others which
have an inflated severity, etc. Discuss about them on IRC, and modify
them if a consensus is reached. Providing more information on bugs which
are difficult to reproduce is also very helpful.

Finally, as always, you don't need to be a Debian developer to
participate. There will be plenty of Debian people around which can
proxy your uploads to the Debian archive -- Just ask for a sponsor on the

See you on Friday,

[0] Why OFTC? To put it simple, the people who are setting up this BSP
are more in OFTC #debian channels than in freenode's. As it is currently
our network of choice, we decided to hold the BSP here (and at the same
time, give the lonely #debian-bugs@OFTC a little publicity :)

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/

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