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[2002-02-22] Release Status Update

Hello world,

As promised, a bunch of packages that aren't in a fit state to be released
(ie, have release-critical bugs) are being removed from woody. The first
phase includes the following packages:
    activedvi           ilisp              pks
    ale-clone           jetspeed           qtss
    ale-clone-cogliati  juice              rep-xmms
    anarchism           jumpnbump          rxtx
    asiya24-vfont       jumpnbump-levels   scalemail
    autoinstall-i386    kernel-patch-folk  smsclient
    blitz++             libmovtar          solid-pop3d
    celestia            libsdl1.0          spruce
    cheesetracker       libsdl1.1          sslwrap
    cint                licq               tads
    csl                 licq-ssl           tkhylafax
    drsync              logcheck           tknamazu
    elm-me+             mantis             toppler
    encompass           msttcorefonts      tripwire
    freenet             mueller            ts
    freenet-unstable    namazu             ude
    freeswan            namazu-el          verilog-mode
    ganso               nitpic             webrt
    gccchecker          ntop               wmcpu
    genext2fs           nullmailer         wxd
    gnome-admin         oaklisp            x11iraf
    gnotepad+           octave-plplot      xconq
    grdb                onshore-timesheet  xfaces
    gtalk               openc++            xfonts-thai-vor
    hdf5                phpgroupware       xmltex
    hztty               pipsecd

Note that this list is by source package, not binary package, and a
number of these packages were removed due to bugs in one specific binary
or another.

This isn't the last word on the matter in a number of ways: there are
certainly going to be more removals, but there's also still some chance
for some of these packages to get back into woody if the appropriate bugs
are fixed and the package is given enough time to be tested and stabilise.

Note that none of these packages have been removed from unstable as part
of this purging.

Also, the fact that the Debian packages of the above software isn't
suitable for release shouldn't particularly be taken as a reflection
on the original authors' work, for various reasons, none of which are
particularly interesting.

Additionally, a fair number of release critical bugs have been downgraded
as part of this process, including most or all of the "binary-all target
doesn't build" bugs filed by Junichi Uekawa. That they've been downgraded
doesn't mean that they aren't bugs though, nor that they shouldn't be
fixed for woody.

aj, woody release manager

Anthony Towns <aj@humbug.org.au> <http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/>
We came. We Saw. We Conferenced. http://linux.conf.au/

  ``Debian: giving you the power to shoot yourself in each 
       toe individually.'' -- with kudos to Greg Lehey

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