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Bug-Squashing Party #7 report

The 7th Debian Bug-Squashing Party for woody took place this weekend,
coordinated on the #debian-bugs IRC channel, and attracted a substantial
number of existing developers, applicants, and users. Looking at the
release-critical bug graph (http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/),
the effect is obvious - the bug count has dropped from 442 on Friday
morning to the current level of 331, a large amount of which was due to
bug-squashers providing patches and/or NMUs. The incoming/DELAYED
directory currently contains fixes for 72 bugs (many RC).

Several people attacked quite a number of the outstanding bugs in
standard and tasks, reducing the count from over 50 to 30 when pending
NMUs are taken into account.

The remaining non-pending bugs in standard and tasks are:

asiya24-vfont, watanabe-vfont:
        Conffile problems, plus the fact that dh_installvfont has been
        removed. These packages need a defoma hacker to convert them to
        dh_installdefoma or to find some other appropriate fix.

        Broken PIC handling on arm. Maintainer is investigating.

        Broken yacc compatibility mode (-y), and serious problems with
        C++ support.

        Five serious bugs, including difficulties with the net-install
        CDs, fallout from the slang/UTF-8 rearrangement, and some white
        screens of death.

        Overwrites a conffile in its postinst.

        Potential denial of service problems. Fixed upstream, patch in
        bug report.

        Build problems with nocombreloc on powerpc.

        Some users can't log into GNOME sessions from gdm.

        Database upgrade problems and a conffile bug. Patch available,
        will be NMUed shortly.

        Missing build-dependency on jade. Probably not RC - menu has no
        build-dependencies at all.

mueller7-mova, mueller7accent-mova:
        More conffile problems. Patch in BTS.

        Missing build-dependency on m4.

        Licensing problems?
        Necessary subdirectories of /var/spool/texmf not created on

        Similar /var/spool/texmf problems to tetex-base. Patch in BTS.
        Writes to /usr/share during build process. Patch in BTS.

        Conffile problems. Maintainer is waiting for a new upstream

        Missing build-dependencies.

        Conffile problems. Maintainer is preparing a fix.

As you can see, there's still a fair amount of work to do before the
standard system is ready for release, but most of the bugs are now
tractable. See http://base.debian.net/ and http://standard.debian.net/
for more details.

Although there may not be a bug-squashing party right now, please keep
on paying attention to the bugs that are either holding up the entire
release or making their packages candidates to be ripped out of testing,
especially for the packages you have installed and care about. The
following rather ugly command will display a summary of all the bugs in
packages installed on your system, provided that you have grep-dctrl and
w3m installed:

  w3m -dump http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/other/all.html | \
    grep-dctrl -Pe '^('"`dpkg --get-selections | grep '\binstall\b' | \
    cut -f1 | perl -e 'print join("|", map {chomp;quotemeta} <>)'`"') '

Depending on how fast the release process goes from now, there will
probably be another concerted effort to squash bugs in about a month's
time. Until then:

<aj> have a Bug-Squashing Party every week, or every day!

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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