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ddtp: new notifications mails, opt-in or opt-out?


some announcements from the 'Debian Description Translation Project' (ddtp):

1.) I stopped the notification mails three days ago

    After some mails and some problems with the old opt-out methode
    (it was per package and the qa group and maintainers with new
    packages have some problmes) I stopped all notifications mails. 

    Sorry for this break.

2.) Now I start notification mails again
    I wrote some new code and now the server is able to send mails to
    mainters and don't use <package>@packages.debian.org.

    The server has also been improved. Now he can send
     - all notifications to one maintainer address
     - no notification to one maintainer address
     - or only notifications with selected languages to the maintainer

    The server get the email address from the indices/Maintainers
    file. If you use some difference addresses for difference
    packages, you must opt-in/opt-out all this addresses.

    You can config the server only per Mail. Send a mail to the server
    email address (grisu-td@auric.debian.org) with a Subject in this
      NOTIFICATION <email> <-+lang>
    some examples:
      NOTIFICATION grisu@debian.org -all
	the server won't send mails to grisu@debian.org in future.
      NOTIFICATION grisu@debian.org +all
	the server will send mails to grisu@debian.org in future.
      NOTIFICATION grisu@debian.org +de:+fr:-all
	the server will send mails only with german and french
	translations to grisu@debian.org in future.
      NOTIFICATION grisu@debian.org :-fr:+all
	the server will send mails to grisu@debian.org in future, but
	no mails with french translations.

    Now the server use the default '-all' and the server don't send
    this mails itself without request!

    If you use the NOTIFICATION command, please use all the time also
    a default value (-all or +all).

3.) isn't the notification mails useless?

    Maybe. You as package maintainer can't include the translations in
    your package source. 

    But you can make a 
     - roughly review of the translation
     - if you know some languages, make a real review
     - you can use your veto right as maintainer in the ddtp and
       remove a bad translation from the db

4.) opt-in/opt-out in future...

    Now I use an opt-in. This is no problem all the time.

    But maybe we should use an opt-out. With this all maintainers get
    this notifications till they use the opt-out option.

    The experience of the last weeks show some pros:
     - The maintainer know if his package has translations.
     - Some maintainers talk with the translator and we have at the
       end a better translation.
     - Few maintainers translate his own package description 
     - Some maintainers start their own translations

    And we are suffering from one major disadvantage:
     - some maintainers don't like 'spam'.

    I start an opt-out system only, if we have a consensus in the
    project. If you have comments, please write a mail to
    debian-devel. (Reply-To: is set)

5.) some statistics: 

    Descriptions in the db (with old descriptions) :  >7600
    Translated descriptions (German)               :   3132 (40%)
    Translated descriptions (Brazilian Portuguese) :   1502 (19%)
    Translated descriptions (Japanese)             :   1058 (13%)
    Translated descriptions (French)               :    957 (12%)
    Translators (German)                           :     95
    Translators (Brazilian Portuguese)             :     27
    Translators (Japanese)                         :     23
    Translators (French)                           :     26

    You can find more informations on http://auric.debian.org/~grisu/ddtp/

If you have questions, improvements etc. -> mail grisu@debian.org

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer http://www.debian.org
PGP: finger grisu@db.debian.org  -- Linux Sysadmin   -- Use Debian Linux
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