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Debian Architecture Bug Squash Party

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Announcing the Debian Architecture Bug Squash Party

We have the opportunity to include several new architectures in woody --
hppa, ia64, mips and mipsel.  So let's have a bugsquash party from Friday,
July 13th to Sunday, the 15th to fix the problems they're having across
a wide range of packages.

Many of the bugs are trivial to fix: outdated config.{sub,guess}, missing
Build-Dependencies, simple c++ changes, eliminating #if within printf,
and so on.  C++ experts and build system / shell scripting experts
are particularly welcome, but there's plenty to do for those with less
expertise.  You don't even need to be a debian developer to help --
patches or clear instructions how to fix problems will always be welcome.

If you want to participate, join #debian-bugs on OpenProjects
(irc.debian.org, check www.openprojects.net for a full list of servers)
anytime during the 13th to 15th of July.  Debian developers will be
around, they should be able to give clear instructions of what needs to
be done.  Pay attention to the topic in that channel, as it will always
contain useful information about the fixing progress.

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