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translated DebConf Translate, search for Translators


Now I can announce, that we have >70 % of the DebConf Templates
translated to german, >20% to spanish, and some others. See the
coordinating page on http://http://auric.debian.org/~grisu/debian_translation  

Thanks to all translators, special thanks to Sebastian Feltel, who work
hard on the german translation. 

He can't continue his work (he must to the basic military service). 
Because of this, I search for new german translators and
co-translators for the other languages. 

Hopefully we release this year and hopefully we get more translated
templates. With this the user can make a non-english installtion ... A
nice thing.

If you have time and if you can make translations, please help the
debian project. 

Thanks for your support.

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer http://www.debian.org
PGP: finger grisu@db.debian.org  -- Linux Sysadmin   -- Use Debian Linux
"The official mascot of this operating system is the Linux Penguin.
 Know why he's smiling? He's a Linux user!" on www.msnbc.com/news/191174.asp

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