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Bug-Squashing Party #4 on May 5-7


Along with next week's Base Bugs Week, the fourth Bug Squashing Party
for Woody has been scheduled for the first weekend of May.

This new party will focus on RC bugs[1] only again, no FHS or other normal
bugs will be worked on. We will be using the new BSP bug handling method
available at bugs.debian.net, which was used successfully in BSP #3 two
weeks ago. It's easy to use, just add whatever notes regarding a package
you want to make available for others, tag the bugs as "dealt", etc.

There has been some controversy about buggy NMU's during the last BSP,
and some suggestions have been made to try to improve the quality in
these uploads. There will be a team in the BSP which will review the
diffs of the NMU's before they get uploaded. We hope that'll minimize
the probability of bad uploads. As before, if you think you have your
bugs under control and don't want help, please mail Martin Michlmay
<tbm@debian.org> so he adds you to the list (if you were added in BSP 3
you are probably safe already). Anyway, remember only old RC bugs
(> 15 days), with no activity from the maintainer in the BTS logs are
targets during BSP's.

The Bug Party will start on Friday 5, at 17:00 UTC, and will last until
Sunday afternoon, in the usual #debian-bugs IRC channel at the
OpenProjects (www.openprojects.net) network.

See you all on Friday,


[1] http://master.debian.org/~wakkerma/bugs

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