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Base Bug Week, 30th April to 6th May

According to Anthony Towns's freeze plans, the base system is going to
be frozen first, together with the boot floppies.  In order to help
bringing the base system in a good state, there will be a Base Bug Week
from 30th April to 6th May.

During this week, developers and non-developers are welcome to join the
IRC channel #debian-bugs on OPN (irc.debian.org) where coordination will
take place.  Since the packages in the base are important, NMUs are
_not_ welcome.  Instead, patches and comments which help to solve the
bugs should be sent in through the Bug Tracking System (BTS).  The
maintainer can then use the patches sent in and save time.

Since the base system comprises our most important packages, virtually
all of which are installed on any Debian system, your help is really
needed!  While Bug Squashing Parties usually focus on Release Critical
(RC) bugs, we should also try to get the number of normal (or even
wishlist) bugs in the base as low as possible.  This involves writing
patches or documentation -- everyone can help with this; also non
developers are encouraged to participate.

To see a summary of the bugs in the base system, please visit

See you next week on #debian-bugs!

Martin Michlmayr

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