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RANT: uploads to auric

[ObAnnounce: sorry for the repost, but maybe this will get better coverage.

I am getting severely pissed off at uploads to Incoming that have small,
easy to fix lintian errors.

I continually debate whether or not I will reject them..
so from now on, I WILL.

prime example:
---- lintian libpt1_1.1pl19-1_i386.deb ----
W: libpt1: readme-debian-is-debmake-template
E: libpt1: spelling-error-in-description xwindows X

I will not be nice from now on, when it is blatantly obvious that uploads
have not been checked with lintain by the maintainer.

I do not speak for the other ftpmasters, only for me. my stress levels are
high enough already.

Mike, who wonders what elmo will think/say.

                      Michael Beattie (mike@ethernal.org)

                      He who laughs last, Thinks slowest.
                Debian GNU/Linux....  Ooohh You are missing out!

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