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Re: Debian machine usage policy

Wichert Akkerman - Debian project leader wrote:

I suggest these two amendments, for clarity:

  >3.1 First offense
  >1. The accounts of the offender will be suspended and access will
  >   not be available.
  >2. The offender will be required to contact the Debian Systems Administrati=
  >   and convince us that there will be no further breaches of the DMUP by the
  >   offender.

If he fails to convince us, he will be expelled from the project.
  >3. If the offender fails to contact the DSA within 14 days, the account will
  >   be terminated and the offender expelled from the Debian project. If the
  >   offender has announced he will be on vacation in this time frame this
  >   period will be extended with the announced duration of the vacation
  >4. If the offender is expelled from the project

but later satisfies us that the offence will not be repeated, 

  >                                                he can register to become
  >   a maintainer again after a period of a month. The offense will remain
  >   on record.

I suggest also, that we add to the policy:

  Debian facilities should not be used for developing non-DFSG software,
  without approval by the DPL after consultation on the devel or private

Other policies prohibit commercial use, but non-DFSG is a wider category.

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