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Release Dates

(Please send followups to debian-devel, not debian-devel-announce).

I've decided to set a _conditional_ freeze date for potato:

    November 1, 1999.

If the necessary projects are completed before that date, we can freeze.
(It will probably not happen exactly on that day).

What remains to be done:

  - Fix lots of release-critical bugs.  We should be down to a number
    that can reasonably be fixed with NMUs or package removals in one week.
    I'd like to have a bugfixing team standing by for this.  Volunteers?

  - Prepare new bootdisks.  As far as I know there are still problems fitting
    Linux 2.2 and glibc 2.1 on them, and debian-boot needs help.

  - Create a release plan, detailing the steps from freeze to release.
    I will take the initiative for that this week.

  - Figure out what to do about C++ incompatibilities.  I don't think this
    issue has been raised yet.  Right now it looks like potato will be
    completely incompatible with slink for C++ programs.  We can no longer
    build the slink compatibility libraries on potato systems.

In addition, there must be working powerpc bootdisks if we're going to
release powerpc.

Richard Braakman

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