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[xemacs] Progress Report on XEmacs 21.1.4

 Just a brief progress report to let yous know I've actually been
 WORKING on the XEmacs 21 packages over the last few weeks.  I am
 aware that the set in potato is broken...  The slink version is fine
 though.  Patience is a virtue.

 I've been reworking the build system a little bit.  It will now have
 a separate `debian/rules config' target, and it will build each
 version in its own build directory, utilizing the `--with-gnu-make'
 and `--srcdir=...' configure switches.  Yesterday the config ran
 perfectly, by the end of today I should have builds fully functional,
 and another day or two should have .deb's being constructed.  (I've
 work to do in the `control' file, amoung other things.)

 The `support-bin' package will be built using a miniminal
 configuration + Mule, so that those binaries will not have `ldd'
 dependancies on libX11, libopenldap, and whatever else...  The way
 they (upstream) have it set up right now, the binaries in `lib-src'
 (etags, gnuserv...) are being built with the same `-l' switches as
 `temacs' itself, and the linker doesn't trim out the cruft.  So the
 binaries wind up depending on libraries they don't ever actually use
 any routines from.  That ought to be remedied, either by fixing the
 XEmacs build system (in the devel branch), or by fixing the linker
 (unless the current behaviour is deliberate?).  For now, I'll build
 those bins in a separate build directory, and there, things will be
 configured to a bare minimum, thus reducing extraneous .so
 dependancies.  The `etags' I'll ship's regexp's will support Mule
 characters. (AFAIK - there's ifdefing about MULE in the regexp codes,
 so I assume that `etags' ought to be built with Mule enabled so it
 will work for everyone.)  I'll check on that with the XEmacs team

 I've begun some work on the unbundled package lisp.  I'm still
 rearranging puzzle pieces right now... trying to see how it should go
 together.  when XEmacs itself is squared away, I'll get back to the
 Lisp packages again.  At least one of them will be required for
 vanilla XEmacs to function properly, and the Mule XEmacs will
 additionaly require some Mule support Lisp.  I won't upload anything
 until that's ready also.

 No promises as to how soon it will be.  I hope it's this month (July)
 or early next month (August).

 Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@debian.org>

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