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[Warning] perl-5.005 is in the archive


two persons already complained about perl-5.005 causing troubles on their
system. That's perfectly normal, if you install perl-5.005 with tools like
apt or dselect all packages depending on "perl" will get removed [1]. All
those packages will need to be updated, their maintainers are already
aware of this, so they will upload corrected packages rapidly I hope.

You really should use apt-get upgrade (and NOT dist-upgrade) until the 
transition has been completed. However you can safely install the new 
perl-5.004 (he doesn't conflict with perl) and still have a working system.

For the people who really want to be on the bleeding edge and who
absolutely want to install perl-5.005 right now, they should download
perl-5.005 and perl-5.005-base and install them by hand with :
dpkg --force-conflicts -i perl-5.005-base_5.005.03.deb
dpkg -i perl-5.005_5.005.03.deb

But take care, some of your scripts may well not work anymore until
some perl modules get recompiled. And apt may well be unhappy with 
the status of your installation ...

The developers who need to recompile binary perl modules for perl-5.005 will
have to install perl-5.005 this way.

If you want to know more about this upgrade you can read this mail
from Darren Stalder (the perl maintainer) :

And you could also read the new perl policy :

If you have some questions, or if you want help concerning this 
perl upgrade, you can respond to this mail by respecting the reply-to
set to debian-perl@lists.debian.org. And for the maintainers of perl
modules/scripts, please update your packages rapidly or ask for a NMU
on debian-perl.

Thanks in advance,

[1] The correct dependency is "perl5" now.
Hertzog Raphaël >> 0C4CABF1 >> http://prope.insa-lyon.fr/~rhertzog/

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