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QuickPPP 1.0 to be available.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of _all_ ages,
	QuickPPP 1.0 should be on the FTP site shortly! QuickPPP is a fun
little utility by Claudio Leite that aids in the creation of a custom
'chat' script for connecting to an Internet Service Provider via
PPP/Modem. Anyone who does this should have this handy tool. Don't leave
home without it. Look for it on a ftp.debian.org mirror near you coming
this summer! See what the experts say:

	"QuickPPP is so easy to use, I want to buy it out!"
				-Bill Gates
	"QuickPPP makes connecting to the Internet so easy, I wish I had
invented it!"
				-Al Gore
	"QuickPPP is more useful than a paperclip!"
				-Trent Lott

	As you can see, they all love it! You will, too! Check it out at
your friendly neighborhood ftp.debian.org mirror coming soon!


Andrew G. Feinberg agf@debian.org andrew@ultraviolet.org
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