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Uploading to pandora (nonus)

Many of you are confused because you are getting messages that your
packages are new when they really aren't, or perhaps dinstall is
rejecting them because it can't find the orig.tar.gz.

Because nonus is now divided into main, non-free, and contrib, you
must specify this in the distribution or section, just as you do for
an upload to master.

So specify the section as `non-us/non-free' or `non-us/contrib'.  It's
fine to put something after that if you want to, `non-us/non-free/web'
for example.  It will just be ignored.

Also, many people find it very useful to run `dinstall -n foo.changes'
to verify that their upload is ok.  dinstall is at
/org/non-us.debian.org/scripts/dinstall/dinstall on pandora and
~maor/dinstall/dinstall on master.


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