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Re: Bug system down

Quoting Ian Jackson <owner@bugs.debian.org>:
> The bug system has not been working properly for a few days now, and I
> have just turned it off.  No new mail will be processed and the web
> pages will not be updated.
> The problem is that (apparently) Linux 2.2 doesn't properly support
> a.out binaries.  The bug system uses a private copy of Smail3 to do
> initial mail delivery (because of the incompatible command line of
> Qmail).  That copy of Smail3 was installed many years ago, and is
> a.out.
> I have asked our system admins to switch back to 2.0 until they can
> install Exim and we can change our configuration, or 2.2 can be made
> to work properly for a.out programs.
> Until one of these things happens the bug system will be down.  It is
> also possible that it will be down for a week or so afterwards; the
> messages we were getting from cron suggest that there may be a large
> mess to clear up.  It is possible that some messages have been lost.
> Thank you for your attention.
> Ian.

The bug system (as currently packaged in potato by our very own
Darren Benham <gecko@debian.org>) works quite well with the version
of exim in potato, and the version of perl in potato (none of which 
are a.out).  I installed it here at my work (http://bugs.wordcruncher.com/)
and it works just fine.  I think now would be a good time to bring the 
bug system forward to the present, rather than reverting master to the
dark ages of 2.0.


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