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Bug system down

The bug system has not been working properly for a few days now, and I
have just turned it off.  No new mail will be processed and the web
pages will not be updated.

The problem is that (apparently) Linux 2.2 doesn't properly support
a.out binaries.  The bug system uses a private copy of Smail3 to do
initial mail delivery (because of the incompatible command line of
Qmail).  That copy of Smail3 was installed many years ago, and is

I have asked our system admins to switch back to 2.0 until they can
install Exim and we can change our configuration, or 2.2 can be made
to work properly for a.out programs.

Until one of these things happens the bug system will be down.  It is
also possible that it will be down for a week or so afterwards; the
messages we were getting from cron suggest that there may be a large
mess to clear up.  It is possible that some messages have been lost.

Thank you for your attention.


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