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Developer Slink CDs

   [1]Linux Central has generously offered free CDs to Debian Developers.
   In order to ease their work load, however, they asked Debian to verify
   the requests that come in.

   Wichert requested the vote system be modified (since it already
   verifies developer status based on the keyring). Add filtering (one
   request per developer) and a way to collect the data and we're off.

   The end result is cdrequest@debian. All developers who wish a free CD
   set from Linux Central needs to send a properly formatted email to
   cdrequest@debian.org. Then, wait. Linux Central will start shipping
   April 1st.

   The data is passed through a pseudo header similar to the way the bug
   tracking system gets data. In the body of the message, include the
     * Name: - shipping name
     * Addr1: - street address
     * Addr2: - City/state/postal code
     * Addr3: - Country code (do not include if you're in the USA)
     * Arch: - desired CD sets

   The ADDR3: tag will be used to sort orders between national and
   international shipping. If you are in the US and you put an ADDR3:
   tag, you're liable to delay shipment of your CDs since it'll be queued
   for processing as an international shipment.

   The ARCH: tag is a choice of i386, sparc, alpha, m86k and source. The
   limit is two sets. If you want two, list the choices separated by a
   pipe (|) symbol.


To: cdrequest@debian.org
From: gecko@debian.org
Subject: CD Request

Name: Darren Benham
Addr1: 2121 S. Pine Dr.
Addr2: Las Vegas, NV  89108
Arch: i386

   Above, Darren lives in the US (no ADDR3: line) and is requesting the
   i386 CD binary set.

To: cdrequest@debian.org
From: norbert@zts.de
Subject: CDs bitte

Name: Norbert Roeder
Addr1: Am Seegraben 6
Addr2: D-63505 Langenselbold
Addr3: Germany
Arch: sparc|source

   Above, Norbert lives in Germany (see, the ADDR3: line) and is
   requesting two sets, the sparc binaries and the source CDs

   If you have any questions, send email to [2]The Project Secretary


   1. http://www.linuxcentral.com/
   2. mailto:secretary@debian.org

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