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New release manager

As you all know by now Brian White has quit his function as release
manager. I would like to thank him for all the great work he has done
with the last couple of releases.

Richard Braakman is our new release manager, and I wish him good luck in
his new job. His task will not be easy with the switch to glibc2.1..

For completeness here is the job-description for the release manager:

Release Manager
Official delegate from the Project Leader. This person is responsible
for distributions that are released or about to be released (ie frozen).

To be more specific, this means the release manager can do the
following for those distributions:
* allow or disallow packages to be installed in the archive
* remove packages from the archive
* decide when to release a distribution or mark a non-released
  distribution as frozen

The release manager is also responsible for coordinating with the
testing team and the developers to insure that a release is as good
as we can make it.

For some of these the actual work is done by the archive maintainers
(ftpmaster@debian.org) .


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