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Re: Release Critical Bugs List

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> writes:
> dselect with apt not supporting purge breaks dselect.  It's important
> because when apt removes the package, it tells dselect that's what you
> REALLY wanted to do.  In order to purge you must remove, find the removed
> package and tell dselect to purge, then run dpkg --pending --remove but NOT
> apt.  This bug is fairly important because it's going to confuse the hell
> out of people, and it's probably not terribly hard to fix.

Just for the record, the easy workaround to cope with this is to go
into dselect, chose [s]elect, hit spacebar, I, O, O, o, and then page
down until you get to the separate list of packages that have been
removed but not purged, re-purge them, hit Enter, then chose remove.


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