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Re: Release Critical Bugs List

On Wed, Sep 30, 1998 at 09:33:35PM -0700, Darren Benham wrote:
> > This is the first post of the release-critical buglist for slink.
> > This list will be posted at least every week. Please note the scripts
> > that generate this post currently do not yet support comments for
> > bugs. I hope to add this this week. Of course that should not stop
> > anyone from fixing these bugs...
> Who decides release critical?  Some of these don't seem to be important
> enough to hold up slink (ex: apt doesn't have purge?  A nice feature but
> release critical?) 

Severity: Important or above bugs are considered release critical.

dselect with apt not supporting purge breaks dselect.  It's important
because when apt removes the package, it tells dselect that's what you
REALLY wanted to do.  In order to purge you must remove, find the removed
package and tell dselect to purge, then run dpkg --pending --remove but NOT
apt.  This bug is fairly important because it's going to confuse the hell
out of people, and it's probably not terribly hard to fix.

Bugs that can't be fixed will either be downgraded or a few will be ignored
and we'll release anyway.  The criteria is set though--Important bugs need
to be addressed in some manner before release.

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