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Debian v2.0 ("Hamm") Release (RSN)

Debian v2.0 ("Hamm") Release

Moving right along...  Hamm is almost ready for release.  Within the hour,
master will have updated the Packages, Packages.gz, and other generated
files.  We pretty much have the full distribution.  There are only two
bugs yet to be fixed:

	wu-ftpd-academ    24466  netstd: Upgrading netstd overrides ...
	xbase             24642  XF86Setup doesn't run: the file ...

Between now and the actual release, these two (and _only_ these two) packages
will change.  Those making CDs are free to start making tests to be sure that
they will work correctly.  Both of these packages should be updated by Monday,
July 20th.

Hamm will be officially released on Friday, July 24th at 0:00 UTC.  The time
until then is reserved for the m68k architecture to catch up on its packages
and for mirrors to get in sync.

We're on the home stretch now!


Debian 2.0 marks the move from the older libc5 to the newer libc6.  Since
this is a significant change, we took a long time to make sure everything
was working correctly.

Changes to Hamm are restricted to important bug fixes so you should encounter
relatively few changes between now and the official release.  I would
encourage those interested to go ahead with the Debian 1.3 ("Bo") to 2.0
upgrade.  This final bit of testing should help eliminate the remaining
upgrade/install problems likely to be encountered.

Debian distributions for Alpha, Sparc, and PowerPC are also available under
the "unstable" tree.  They will likely release with Debian 2.1.


To avoid problems in just upgrading packages via dpkg, dselect, or dftp (due
to possible libc5/libc6 conflicts), it is recommended that the following
upgrade procedure be followed.  This document can be found at:


Q: How do I upgrade from an earlier version of Debian?
A: There are several methods:
   1) autoup.sh - This is a script that will upgrade the programs in
      the correct order, even download the deb's for you.  Because of
      the continuing changes to the archive, a tar archive of the
      packages that were available at the time autoup.sh was last
      released is provided.  This is should be at the developers
      corner of the Debian web site, but newer versions are at:
	http://www.uk.debian.org/autoup/	(ftp: also okay)
   2) apt-get - This is the command line part of Debian's future
      package manager.  It knows how to order packages and will
      download them from a local archive, http, and ftp sites.  It is
      able to merge the info from several sites, so you can use your
      cd, an up to date mirror, and a non-us site for the best mix of
      speed, variety, and recentness (if you can't tell, I like this
      one).  Just run 'apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade'.  The bo
      version is at: http://www.debian.org/~jgg/  and the hamm version
      is in project/experimental.
   3) Do it by hand.  There is a howto at:
      but the autoup.sh simply automates this, so most users won't
      want to do this.


				Brian White <bcwhite@debian.org>
				     Debian Release Manager

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