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19980623 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages

             Work-Needing and Prospective Packages for Debian GNU/Linux
   Tue, 23 Jun 1998 12:01:27 -0400
   This document is intended to identify areas that could use your
   contributions, and to avoid duplication of work. It supplements the regular
   [1]Debian Developer documentation:, provding a the current list of packages
   which are either:
     * orphaned,
     * withdrawn from distribution,
     * maintained but its developer would like to find a new person,
     * currently being worked on to include in the distribution, and
     * good ideas -- nice to have, but no one is yet working on them.
   Newer versions of this document are available via FTP and HTTP, updated
   daily as things change:
     * [2]http://www.debian.org/doc/prospective-packages.html
     * [3]ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/package-developer/
   Please send additions, corrections, suggestions and wishes to the WNPP
   maintainer (wnpp@debian.org). New packages should also be discussed on

    Maintainer Wanted:      33      Being Adopted:      49
     Orphaned Package:      48   Being Debianized:     120
  Withdrawn from Dist:      15
    Stuck in Incoming:       1        On Vacation:       5

                                 Orphaned packages
   An orphaned package is a package that has no current maintainer. Please
   inform the WNPP maintainer (wnpp@debian.org) via e-mail:
     * when you find that you need to orphan a package,
     * when you believe that the following list is incomplete, or
     * when you would like to maintain one of these packages.
   To correct the developer recorded for a package, inform the override file
   maintainer (override-change@debian.org).
   The following packages are orphaned:
     * By The Debian QA Group (debian-qa@lists.debian.org):
         (43 Days Orphaned)
             9wm -- Emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8-1/2
             javalex -- A Lex style analyser for java
             ckermit -- kermit package
             mcvert -- Tool to deal with encoded Mac files (non-free)
             rc -- An implementation of the AT&T Plan 9 shell.
             sam -- A Plan 9 derived text editor
             xbattle -- Concurrent multiplayer battle strategy game
             xmailtool -- The good old BSD style mail reader
             xmcpustate -- Displays CPU/Swap/Memory/Network load
     * By Mike Coleman (mkc@sky.net):
         (40 Days Orphaned)
             nn -- Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)
                    Possibly better left for dead: it is not maintained
                    upstream, and gnus and trn have similar interfaces.
     * By JHM "Ray" Dassen (jdassen@wi.LeidenUniv.nl):
         (43 Days Orphaned)
             linux-conio -- I/O library following DOS's conio API
     * By Steve Dunham (dunham@cps.msu.edu):
         (67 Days Orphaned)
             xtar-dmotif -- Motif front end for tar
             xtar-smotif -- Motif front end for tar, with static libXm
     * By Andrew Howell (andrew@it.net.au):
         (69 Days Orphaned)
             p2c -- pascal to C converter
     * By Christoph Lameter (clameter@debian.org):
         (43 Days Orphaned)
             wdb -- web to database language
                    No upstream version since 1996
             adpkg -- Alternate Package maintenance system (experimental)
             cmostool -- CMOS manipulator
             debsums -- Tools to handle md5sums for installed packages
             devbios -- BIOS flash programming tool
             floppybackup -- Floppy backup using a diversity of floppy formats
             htget -- HTTP file transfer tool
             ipportfw -- Port forwarding tool + kernel patches
             jered -- Simple C/C++ text editor with color
             le -- Text Editor with block and binary operations
             mserver -- Network Modem Server
             optimizer -- Assembler Code optimizer for MMX, PPro and Pentium
             poppassd -- Password change server for Eudora and NUPOP
             sftp -- Small ftp client with amazing features
             shaper -- Traffic shaper for 2.1.x kernels
             sharefont -- Shareware font selection for X11 (non-free)
             smb-nat -- SMB Network Analysis Tool
             xskat -- Skat as defined by the official german Skatordnung
     * By Remco van de Meent (remco@cal052204.student.utwente.nl):
         (15 Days Orphaned)
             zmailer -- Mailer for Extreme Performance Demands
     * By Michael Meskes (meskes@topsystem.de):
         (67 Days Orphaned)
             icmake -- Intelligent C-like MAKEr, the ICce MAKE utility
     * By Vincent Renardias (vincent@waw.com):
         (42 Days Orphaned)
             kaffe -- A JVM to run Java bytecode
     * By Karl Sackett (krs@advicom.net):
         (67 Days Orphaned)
             courtney -- Program to detect SATAN scans
             groupkit -- Real-time groupware applications package
             imgstar -- IMG* Image Toolset and C Library (non-free)
             lee -- Latent Energy Environment
             pgapack -- A general-purpose genetic algorithm library
             snns -- Stuttgart Neural Net Simulator (non-free)
             tcs -- Character set translator
             wily -- Work-alike of the Acme environment for Plan 9
     * By Christian Schwarz (schwarz@monet.m.isar.de):
         (40 Days Orphaned)
     * By Riku Voipio (riku.voipio@iki.fi):
         (67 Days Orphaned)
             fte -- Fte text editor for Console and X-windows
             gmod -- module player for Ultrasound and AWE soundcards
                                 Withdrawn packages
   A withdrawn package is an orphaned package that is no longer in the
   unstable distribution, but instead stored in project/orphaned. A new
   maintainer is needed to resurrect these pacakges:
     * By The Debian QA Group (debian-qa@lists.debian.org):
         (43 Days Withdrawn)
             cfgtool -- Manipulate system configuration variables
             compress-package -- fileset to build Debian compress (contrib)
             dld -- a library package of C functions that performs dynamic
             freelip -- Library functions for arithmetic on large integers
             infocom -- A free parser for Infocom data files
             j1 -- A compiler of some sort
             libc4 -- The Linux C library version 4 (a.out)
             libfcgi2 -- FastCGI web library suite
             mathpad -- Mathematically oriented document preparation
             pash -- a full screen shell for Unix (contrib)pe
             ppd-adobe -- Adobe's PostScript Printer Descriptions (non-free)
             term -- a serial-line multiplexer
             zyxel -- U-1496 (ZyXEL) Modem Driver (non-free)
         (33 Days Withdrawn)
             vic-cqcam -- Color QuickCam (PC/Parallel) control program
             cqcam -- Video conference over the Internet
                         Packages needing a new maintainer
   Please inform the WNPP maintainer (wnpp@debian.org) via e-mail when you
   find that you'd like to discontinue maintaining a package. To adopt a
   package, please inform both WNPP and the current maintainer of the package.
   The following packages are offered up for adoption:
     * By Scott K. Ellis (scott@debian.org):
         (67 Days Offered)
             deliver -- local mail delivery agent
     * By Federico Di Gregorio (fog@debian.org):
         (43 Days Offered)
             noweb -- A WEB-like literate-programming tool
             tkstep4.2 -- The NEXTSTEP(tm)-like version of the Tk toolkit
             tkstep8.0 -- The NEXTSTEP(tm)-like version of the Tk toolkit
     * By Karl M. Hegbloom (karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com):
         (67 Days Offered)
             browser-history -- User daemon that tracks URLs looked at
             cgiwrap -- Allows ordinary users to run their own CGI scripts
             procmail-lib -- A library of useful procmail recipes
             rel -- Determines relevance of documents to a set of keywords
     * By Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
         (0 Days Offered)
             xbanner -- beautify XDM login screen
     * By Johnie Ingram (johnie@netgod.net):
         (67 Days Offered)
             cfengine -- tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
             webmagick -- create gallery thumbnails for website
         (8 Days Offered)
             html2ps -- HTML to postscript converter
             quickplot -- X-based data viewer
             karpski -- ethernet analyzer and sniffer
     * By Joel Klecker (espy@debian.org):
         (67 Days Offered)
     * By Randall Loomis (rsl@zanshinsys.com):
         (161 Days Offered)
             bridge -- Bridging Tools for Kernel 2.0.X
             bridgex -- Bridging Tools for Kernel 2.1.X
     * By Vincent Renardias (vincent@waw.com):
         (43 Days Offered)
             scilab -- Matrix-based scientific software package (a la Matlab
                    and Xmath) (non-free)
     * By Robert Resendes (resendes@ici.net):
         (43 Days Offered)
             omniorb -- An object request broker (ORB) implementation
     * By Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.north.de):
         (43 Days Offered)
             staroffice3 -- Star Office 3.1 installer
     * By Joost Witteveen (joostje@debian.org):
         (43 Days Offered)
             axe -- An editor for X (non-free)
             pixmap -- A pixmap editor
     * By Milan Zamazal (pdm@informatics.muni.cz):
         (0 Days Offered)
             casio -- Casio diary backup utility
             cstocs -- recoding utility (Latin-2 country charsets)
             cweb -- literate programming in C/C++
             cweb-latex -- CWEB with LaTeX
             emacs-czech -- Czech and Slovak support for Emacs 19
             fortunes-cs -- Czech and Slovak fortunes
             sgb -- The Stanford Graphbase
             xntil2 -- Latin-2 fonts for X
             xtoolwait -- serializing startup of X applications
                        Packages that someone is working on
   Programs listed in this section aren't yet available as Debian packages,
   but someone is working on providing a package. If you would like to work on
   one of these packages please contact the responsible person listed below.
   The following packages are being worked on:
     * By Wichert Akkerman (wakkerma@debian.org):
         (40 Days in Creation)
             spice -- (non-free)
     * By Brian Almeida (balmeida@kylz.com):
         (12 Days in Creation)
     * By Brian Basset (brian@butterfly.ml.org):
         (119 Days in Creation)
             WarFTPD -- ftp daemon
     * By Jules Bean (jules@debian.org):
         (7 Days in Creation)
             gimp-perl -- perl scripting extension for the GIMP
     * By Boris D. Beletsky (borik@isracom.co.il):
         (393 Days in Creation)
             MIT scheme
             Scheme - C
             Freedom Desktop
     * By Michael Booth (booth@debian.org):
         (7 Days in Creation)
             GSL -- gnu scientific library
     * By Leonardo Boselli (leo@dicea.unifi.it):
         (218 Days in Creation)
             listguard -- mailing list manager
     * By Dermot Bradley (bradley@debian.org):
         (393 Days in Creation)
             Umich LDAP
         (66 Days in Creation)
             NOCOL-- Network Operation Center On-Line
     * By Marcus Brinkmann (Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de):
         (1 Days in Creation)
             Glade -- a GUI builder for Gtk.
             Glademm -- a module for Glade to generate C++ code
     * By Rob Browning (rlb@cs.utexas.edu):
         (31 Days in Creation)
             boehm-gc -- conservative garbage collector for C/C++
     * By Marco Budde (mbudde@hqsys.antar.com):
         (345 Days in Creation)
             HTML version of Matt Welsh's "Installation & Getting Started"
         (1 Days in Creation)
     * By Justin Burket (zorton@thepentagon.com):
         (6 Days in Creation)
             pavuk -- a url grabber
     * By Sudhakar Chandrasekharan (thaths@netscape.com):
         (84 Days in Creation)
             xdir -- child of xftp
         (32 Days in Creation)
             imaptool -- image map tool
     * By Dennis L. Clark (dennis@elvis.vnet.net):
         (70 Days in Creation)
     * By Alistair Cunningham (ac212@cam.ac.uk):
         (112 Days in Creation)
             Chain Reaction
     * By Klee Dienes (klee@debian.org):
         (393 Days in Creation)
             NIST's POSIX validation suite
     * By Yann Dirson (dirson@debian.org):
         (376 Days in Creation)
             Using SGML, basic concepts -- documentation
             Understanding and writing SGML DTDs -- documentation
     * By Michael Alan Dorman (mdorman@debian.org):
         (58 Days in Creation)
             gnus -- emacs-based newsreader
     * By Kysh Dragon (debian@dragonfyre.soark.net):
         (5 Days in Creation)
             TinyMUCK -- popular MU* server
     * By Mark Eichin (eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us):
         (31 Days in Creation)
             perlmacs20 -- emacs20 with embedded perl5
     * By Brent Fulgham (BFulgham@CH2M.com):
         (50 Days in Creation)
             UMB Scheme -- yet another scheme distribution
     * By Bdale Garbee (bdale@gag.com):
         (70 Days in Creation)
             jstation -- ground station for amateur radio sattelites
     * By The Gecko (gecko@benham.net):
         (32 Days in Creation)
             chpp -- general purpose preprocessor
     * By Bear Giles (bgiles@dimensional.com):
         (44 Days in Creation)
             Kerberos 5
     * By Mike Goldman (whig@by.net):
         (36 Days in Creation)
             oo2c -- optimizing Oberon-2 to C compiler
     * By Luis Francisco Gonzalez (luisgh@aguere.demon.co.uk):
         (18 Days in Creation)
             Caldera COAS
     * By Fredrik Hallenberg (hallon@lysator.liu.se):
         (11 Days in Creation)
             ud -- uptime daemon
     * By Anders Hammarquist (iko@iko.pp.se):
         (70 Days in Creation)
             coda -- The CODA distributed filesystem
     * By Karl M. Hegbloom (karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com):
         (67 Days in Creation)
     * By Kai Henningsen (kai@debian.org):
         (393 Days in Creation)
     * By Kirk Hilliard (kirk@ghoti.com):
         (128 Days in Creation)
             proj -- conversion utilities for geographic projections and
                    coordinate systems
     * By Florian Hinzmann (f.hinzmann@public.uni-hamburg.de):
         (4 Days in Creation)
             gmp3 -- the gtk frontend for mpg123
     * By Gregor Hoffleit (flight@mathi.uni-heidelberg.de):
         (218 Days in Creation)
     * By Falk Hueffner (falk.hueffner@student.uni-tuebingen.de):
         (64 Days in Creation)
             ras -- util to transport large files with floppies
             Descent -- commercial 3-D game
     * By David Huggins-Daines (bn711@freenet.carleton.ca):
         (4 Days in Creation)
             MacGate -- appletalk decapsulation driver
         (2 Days in Creation)
             t1lib -- Type 1 font rasterizer library
     * By Dan Jacobowitz (drow@false.org):
         (7 Days in Creation)
             libapache-mod-perl -- Apache mod_perl
     * By Martin Alonso Soto Jacome (masoto@uniandes.edu.co):
         (393 Days in Creation)
             jazz MIDI sequencer
     * By LaMont Jones (lamont@cranston.fc.hp.com):
         (19 Days in Creation)
             VMailer -- Wietse Venema's mail transport agent
     * By Brian S. Julin (bri@mojo.calyx.net):
         (310 Days in Creation)
     * By Matthias Klose (doko@cs.tu-berlin.de):
         (27 Days in Creation)
             python-gendoc -- generates docs from Python source
         (25 Days in Creation)
             htmlgen -- python class for generating HTML
             python-pil -- Python Imaging Library
     * By Anand Kumria (wildfire@progsoc.uts.edu.au):
         (62 Days in Creation)
     * By Stuart Lamble (lamble@debian.lib.monash.edu.au):
         (168 Days in Creation)
     * By Alexander Lazarevic (lazarevi@prinz-atm.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE):
         (147 Days in Creation)
             squeak -- implementation of Smalltalk
     * By Eric Leblanc (jughead@generation.net):
         (76 Days in Creation)
             kangband -- An Angband variant
         (39 Days in Creation)
             8hz-mp3 -- MPEG Layer 3 encoder
     * By Jean Pierre LeJacq (jplejacq@quoininc.com):
         (105 Days in Creation)
             enskip -- security module for TCP/IP stack
     * By John Lines (jlines@debian.org):
         (62 Days in Creation)
             utilities for handling tagged files
             spong -- network monitoring package
             smtpd -- mail front end for firewalls
     * By Anselm Lingnau (lingnau@tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de):
         (140 Days in Creation)
             tclhttpd -- TCL-based webserver
     * By Alexander List (alexlist@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at):
         (122 Days in Creation)
     * By Nils Lohner (lohner@typhoon.icd.teradyne.com):
         (70 Days in Creation)
             Nessus -- security auditing tool
     * By Christian Lynbech (lynbech@daimi.aau.dk):
         (393 Days in Creation)
             ilisp -- emacs interface to a number of lisp systems
             hyperbole -- emacs hypertext/info management system
             oobr -- emacs package for browsing OO programs
             STk -- Scheme Tk, a scheme interpreter with Tk support
     * By Lalo Martins (lalo@webcom.com):
         (75 Days in Creation)
             djgcc -- cross-compiler for DOS
     * By Tristan McCann (trismcc@nh.ultranet.com):
         (393 Days in Creation)
             Linux phone
     * By Gene McCulley (mcculley@debian.org):
         (96 Days in Creation)
             vMac -- Macintosh emulator
     * By Christian Meder (christian.meder@utoronto.ca):
         (393 Days in Creation)
             MuPAD -- computer algebra tool from University of Paderborn,
     * By Hamish Moffatt (hamish@debian.org):
         (376 Days in Creation)
             mars_nwe -- Netware server
     * By Lantz Moore (lmoore@debian.org):
         (7 Days in Creation)
             rplay -- a network audio system
     * By Andy Mortimer (andy.mortimer@poboxes.com):
         (393 Days in Creation)
     * By Fabien Ninoles (fab@tzone.org):
         (112 Days in Creation)
             RT-Linux -- kernel patch for realtime support
             Cold Project -- A free Multi User Virtual Environment - a.k.a.
                    'MUD with much more!'
     * By Leland Olds (olds@eskimo.com):
         (172 Days in Creation)
             YADE -- Yet Another Diagram Editor
     * By Matt Pavlovich (mpav@purdue.edu):
         (70 Days in Creation)
     * By Kevin J Poorman Petra (ewigin@SoftHome.net):
         (41 Days in Creation)
             roottail -- monitor messages in X root window
         (9 Days in Creation)
             blackbox -- rather fast X11 window manager
     * By Ed Petron (epetron@leba.net):
         (84 Days in Creation)
             eli -- compiler construction kit
         (133 Days in Creation)
             Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS)
         (62 Days in Creation)
             Sorcerer -- tool for creating output generators
     * By Steve Phillips (sjp@siliconlogic.com):
         (20 Days in Creation)
             v2html -- verilog to HTML converter
     * By Jim Pick (jim@jimpick.com):
         (84 Days in Creation)
             Japhar -- JVM
             mico -- ORB
     * By Antony Puckey (stealth@mail.noosanet.com):
         (33 Days in Creation)
             acua -- access control and user administration
     * By Chris Reed (cr212@cam.ac.uk):
         (54 Days in Creation)
     * By Jens Ritter (grimaldi@debian.org):
         (19 Days in Creation)
     * By Alex Romosan (alex@juliet.fnal.gov):
         (70 Days in Creation)
             Xmmix -- Motif-based audio mixer
             nt -- shared text editor for the mbone
     * By Shaleh (shaleh@livenet.net):
         (72 Days in Creation)
             chameleon -- draw into the root window
             fnlib -- another of Rasterman's crazed libs
             enlightenment -- window manager
     * By Jeff Shilt (jshilt@prime.cs.ohiou.edu):
         (69 Days in Creation)
             FPK Pascal
     * By Manoj Srivastava (srivasta@datasync.com):
         (112 Days in Creation)
             perlindex -- search engine for Perl documentation
     * By Joop Stakenborg (stakenborg@HYPH.AZR.NL):
         (5 Days in Creation)
             twclock -- hamradio clock for different timezones
             twlog -- hamradio logging program
     * By Lars Steinke (steinke@ciphp12.physik.uni-freiburg.de):
         (9 Days in Creation)
     * By Brian Sulcer (bsulcer@gibson.com):
         (502 Days in Creation)
             vile (vi-like editor)
     * By Philip Thiem (witwerg@socket.net):
         (45 Days in Creation)
             minivend -- shopping cart system
     * By Rob Tillotson (rob@io.com):
         (39 Days in Creation)
             PalmPython -- Python language access to PalmPilots
             XMLDoc -- Create PalmPilot DOC files
             Gadfly -- an in-memory Python SQL database
         (33 Days in Creation)
             Kjbuckets -- adds set and graph data types to Python
     * By Peter Tonoli (anarchie@brimstone.suburbia.net):
         (341 Days in Creation)
     * By Darren Stadler (torin@daft.com):
         (137 Days in Creation)
         (62 Days in Creation)
     * By Anthony Towns (aj@azure.humbug.org.au):
         (34 Days in Creation)
             pretzel -- GPLed pretty-printer generator
     * By James Troup (troup@debian.org):
         (20 Days in Creation)
             V.E.R.A. -- free list of computer acronyms
     * By Hubert Weikert (weikert@muninn.cube.net):
         (105 Days in Creation)
             firewallct -- web-based firewall config tool (FCT)
     * By Claus R. Wickinghoff (chef@sundancer.oche.de):
         (218 Days in Creation)
             changesys -- newsgroup ordering tool
                    Programs that aren't available yet in Debian
   Programs listed in this section aren't yet available as Debian packages,
   but there has been an expressed desire to include them. If you want to
   create one of these packages, or any Debian package, please send an e-mail
   with an "Intent to create ..." subject line to the Debian development list
   If you are not already a developer, instructions on joining the Debian
   Project are in the "Developers Corner" of the Debian website.
   Programming and development
     * The [4]Java Development Environment wrapper for xemacs.
     * The [5]Linux BLAS, FFTs, general utilities and libraries, and library
       support for Extended Precision Arithmetic
     * ccmalloc -- memory profiler and malloc debugger
     * ECoLisp -- a Common Lisp compiler that produces faster code but isn't
       as widely used as GCL
     * CLiCC -- Common Lisp compiler that generates stand-alone apps (rather
       large ones, though)
     * CLX -- Common Lisp Xlib implementation
     * PCL -- Portable Common Loops for GCL
     * Cross-compilation environments for alpha, m68k, SPARC
     * [6]ACE -- (a free C++ library)
     * [7]GNU Nana -- improved support for assertions and logging in C and
     * [8]qddb -- a relational database.
     * The [9]TenDra suite comprises a C/C++ compiler with tools that support
       e.g. checking a program against an abstract API.
     * [10]Ipe, an extendible drawing editor for LaTeX.
     * Kubota Graphics Corporation's now-PD 3-D visualization system, Dore'.
     * The [11]pnmhisteq add-on that came with an older versions of netpbm.
     * A pstogif package, (a binary is currently buried inside xemacs19,
       xemacs20, latex2html, and sdc).
     * A CAD package from the [12]Scientific Applications on Linux page.
     * Andrew
     * [13]mergemem
     * grok -- database with many functions
     * xidle
     * [14]Express, the GTK web browser for GNOME.
   Networking and Communication
     * [15]Coda is a distributed filesystem with very nice features like
       support for mobile computing, high performance, replication, continued
       operation during partial network failures in server network. Kernel
       support for the coda filesystem will be available with the 2.2.x
     * ftptool
     * [16]BeroFTPD, a wu-ftpd derived ftp server program fixing some wu-ftpd
       bugs and adding a few more features.
     * [17]Speakerphone/Answering Machine for USR and Rockwell Modems
     * [18]SSL FTP and FTPD -- If possible, the SSL functionality for the
       daemon should be ported to the one in netstd, as that may contain
       security fixes not in SSL ftpd.
     * [19]Telnet98, with 128-bit encryption (non-us).
     * [20]pathchar, a device for measuring bandwidth of remote pipes.
   Text utilities
     * HTML editors (tkHTML, auc-html.el)
     * [21]Virtual Paper
     * [22]perlmacs, which creates a program that has all the functionality of
       both Perl and GNU Emacs.
     * [23]Artificial Life Programs
     * [24]Acmaint -- user administration tool
     * [25]hpack -- non-us archiver
     * [26]rar -- shareware archiver
     * The operator shell ( [27]http://www.engarde.com/~mcn/osh.html).
     * The transparent cryptographic filesystem
     * Backport the terminal interface of HP's [29]Wildebeest debugger into
       regular gdb.
                         Programs that someone should write
   This section contains suggestions/wishes for programs. There is no known
   implementation of such a program for Linux.
     * amspell (ms-dos) -like spell checker, i.e. a spell checker that checks
       the complete text first, searching for alternatives (on the fly) and
       asking for user action at the very end of the checking process. This
       saves much time on low memory machines.
                          Packages that can't be packaged
     * HotJava -- the license prohibits redistribution of any kind.
     * Secure remote password (srp) -- a US-only export-controlled package.

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   Debian Linux: 1,875 Packages and Growing     |_|   |_|


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