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Re: Debian 2.0 Celebration tomorrow

On Mon, Jun 22, 1998 at 06:48:20PM -0300, Johnie Ingram wrote:
: Since Debian's "hamm" distribution will become "2.0 Beta" on 00:00 UTC
: June 24th, there will of course an IRC party on irc.debian.org at that 
: time -- its 8 p.m EDT Tuesday.
: And for your amusement, theres a live countdown timer at:
:     http://www.netgod.net/
: At least two CD vendors will have Gold CDRs available the same day,
: and hamm can be downloaded from the ftp mirrors (listed on
: www.debian.org).

Could somebody please explain me how to install from these 2 CDs?

	Heiko Schlittermann
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