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Re: Bug#927667: gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop

I'm writing with my DPL hat on in the role of a facilitator/mediator.
I have no actual power in this situation and it is entirely reasonable
to ignore me.

I feel very uncomfortable with a change as big as this revert happening
this late in the release cycle.
I think that my reading of how the release team handles issues is
sufficient to say that they almost certainly have serious concerns about
that big of a change this late too.

And yet, the lack of a clear reconfirmation in this time line even given
the wonderfully civil discussion is telling.

My proposal--which again I have no power to implement--is that we go
forward with the current default.  However, we remain open to a revert
in the first couple of buster point releases.  The criteria for that
revert should be based on the actual severity and frequence of problems
our users run into, but should specifically exclude the blanket
reluctance to  make a change like that in a point release.
We would still need adequate testing of such a revert.

So, what I think this would require to be a viable proposal is:

* an ack from the buster stable release managers that if we run into
  real problems they would accept such a change

* an ack from gnome that if we do need to do a revert we'd be willing to
  revert in unstable and testing for a while to do as much testing of
  the revert in those environments.  Obviously such testing is imperfect
  given that gnome may (hopefully will) have moved on in Debian by then.

Again, feel free to ignore this message entirely if it does not move the
conversation forward.
I'm just seeing a stuck issue and proposing a way to try and unstick it.


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