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Re: Bug#927667: gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop

Hi Simon, others,

Thanks to those involved so far in shepherding this side of the issue
along. And also for poking me (repeatedly!) to reply.

On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 09:19:49PM +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jun 2019 at 17:33:55 +0100, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> > So far as I am aware there is still radio silence from active GNOME
> > packaging team members regarding this issue. No comment yet on the
> > patch I adapted, positive or negative; this bug (#927667) remains
> > at an RC severity.

Right, sorry about that. It's a big lack of spoons for me (please
consider that if you are thinking about rebutting my points below). I
personally find this kind of topic a bit draining, although I appreciate
that the temperature of the bug (not the previous -devel thread) is
quite low.  Thanks for that.

> (Adding debian-gtk-gnome, debian-desktop and some people who might have
> useful input to Cc)
> […]
> - Ubuntu GNOME team: which recent Ubuntu versions, if any, are using
>   Wayland for their GNOME-based desktop?

Seb's explained that, and the reasons why that decision was made. So you
can have my inconclusive personal opinion:

I've been deliberately using Wayland-on-Ubuntu and Wayland-on-Debian the
whole time, and the only thing that has irritated *me* was one time I
couldn't screen share from Firefox. I *like* that it's raised the bar
for privilege separation (the Synaptic case), as I find it quite
distasteful to be running the entire thing as root. I acknowledge that
the shell-crashing-crashes-the-session model could be uncomfortable
sometimes — but my experience has not been one where that happens. Some
of the upstream improvements (e.g. fractional scaling, which is still
experimental) are Wayland-only.

I've read and understood the counter-arguments posted on the bug. I
don't feel in a particularly good position with respect to weighing up
the balance here. If you are affected by a Wayland-specific bug,
especially if it impacts you frequently (e.g. you can't do something you
need to do, or the shell repeatedly crashes / the mouse becomes
unresponsive / similar), that is going to be really quite irritating.

And I share Ansgar's concern about this all being very late now. Part of
that is down to our (GNOME team at large) lack of engagement on the bug
— apologies again — but it would have felt late to me even at the end of
April. That said, Ubuntu has been shipping with this configuration and
we don't know of any particular issues. Release team, what do you think?

In conclusion, I will not stand in the way of anyone if they want to
execute this change, but it's not likely to be me doing it.

> I've left some comments on
> https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gdm/merge_requests/8 regarding the
> technical side of the proposed change.

Someone could probably look in Ubuntu's gdm3 package to see what we're
doing. We provide "GNOME" (Xorg, the default) and "GNOME on Wayland"


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