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Policy on software used to create desktop theme?

Hello.  Congratulations on chosing softWaves!  I like the theme, it
looks very "Debian" to me.

One aspect of the contribution wiki page [1] sparked my interest.  It
says Illustrator was used to create the images.  I assume this refers to
Adobe Illustrator, which to my knowledge is non-free proprietary

I see a philosophical problem that the Debian project rely on
proprietary tools in a highly visible area like the look'n'feel of the
distribution.  In my eyes this harms the goal of offering a complete
free software distribution for users.  It is like saying "we create a
free OS but for real work like creating our desktop theme we rely on
proprietary software".

Does anyone understand my point?  And share the concern?

How do you feel about a requirement that the next Debian deskop theme is
created using only free software?


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/softWaves

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