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Re: some adjustments are needed for theme

Valessio Brito:
> Folks,
> Sorry answer "later".


Thanks for getting back to us on this. :)

> All topics sent in "competitions" old are FREE, do not need permission
> from authors to participate again in "competitions" future. It was a
> voluntary registration that can participate again another selection.

I appreciate that the submissions are free and do not need permission
from the author to be included in a future "competition". Nonetheless, I
have a concern with blindly "replaying" old submissions:

  Who volunteers to add missing images/formats (if any)?

One of the requirements for the "winning" artwork is that the author is
around to create any missing bits.  I did not feel the above question
was clear from the resubmissions you made.
  This is why I asked if you had contacted the authors or wanted to
create a derivative artwork based on them.

> I believe that we should never rule out good investments that had in
> previous editions.
> [...]


I am not against reusing old submissions (that have not won in a
previous release).  I just want to know that there is a contributor
behind it, who is volunteering to finish any missing bits, and it is
clear whom that contributor is.


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