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Re: Re:Re: Suggestion about the graphical interface in Debian

El lun, 18-01-2016 a las 20:14 +0100, Jorge Chaves escribió:
> El lun, 18-01-2016 a las 20:05 +0100, Jorge Chaves escribió:
> > Ok, sorry for not explaining well the suggestions. I'll try to explain 
> > it better:
> > 
> > What Tormod tells it's true, when I mean "Supr" key I mean "del" or
> > "delete" key in English keyboards. Sorry for not take in account this
> > detail.
> > 
> > The idea was copying some things from the windows desktop that I thought
> > could be useful for the users in Linux desktops. For that reason I think
> > that could be useful:
> > 
> > - Send an item to the Trash (to the user's trash, not erase the item
> > definitively) when you push only the "Supr" key (or "Delete" key in
> > English keyboards) to a selected object (when I say object I mean an
> > archive or a folder).
> > 
> > After reading the answers, I understand that renaming when you click one
> > time over the name of an item can be tricky. So I undertand why this
> > can't be performed.
> > 
> > I didn't send the previous email to GNOME developers because I think that 
> > this could be useful for all the Debian graphical interfaces. But, if you 
> > know a better place where this message can be sent, please let me know. If 
> > you don't want to send me a message to my e-mail account, I will see from
> > time to time this mail list.
> > 
> > Thanks for your the answers and your attention.
> > 
> > A beginner Debian user.
> > Jorge.
> > 
> > PS: As I told before I haven't subscribed to this mail list because 
> > I'm not a developer. I'm only a simple user.
> > 
> Correction: 
> Sorry for not taking in account...
> Sorry for this mistake and others that can be found.
> Bye.

Another suggestion that I think that could be useful is about the
clipboard when you copy/paste things.

I think that what you copy (or cut) may be saved in a place even when
you close the origin (the origin archive or the origin window or the
origin partition), and you can paste it wherever you want.

I aware that there are clipboards that can be installed in Debian, but I
think an improvement if the clipboard exists from the beginning.

Thanks for your patience.

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