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Re: desktop files for xscreensaver hacks in different desktop environments

Tormod Volden writes ("desktop files for xscreensaver hacks in different desktop environments"):
> Then some DEs would like to use these desktop files and some DEs need
> to have them hidden. Up to now we have been using "OnlyShowIn=GNOME;"
> but e.g. Mate wants to be added [2].
> I would like to change this to "NotShowIn", as per Jonas suggestion in
> that bug report. This can be discussed. Either way, we would need to
> know which DE should be whitelisted, respectively, blacklisted.

Hi.  I realise I'm very late with this response, but:

> The freedesktop.org DE list is
> "GNOME", "KDE", "LXDE", "MATE", "Razor", "ROX", "TDE", "Unity",
> "XFCE", "Cinnamon", "EDE", "Old"

Is there a possibility to use a `virtual DE name', or something,
here ?

Updating every screensaver each time desktop environments change
seems like a lot of work.

Please forgive my ignorance about .desktop files.


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