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Bug#704105: desktop-base: no spacefun theme selectable for desktop-background.xml link group and KDM

Yves-Alexis Perez dixit:

>> > We can't ship all the desktop from all releases in the package, it'd be
>> > too huge.
>> please define huge?!
>Just look at combined sizes for the various desktop-base from previous

Yeah, I see that.

>> What would be a proper source package name for this? 
>> desktop-base-squeeze-theme?
>There was a proposition for that on the debian-desktop or debian wiki.
>If you're interested, feel free to dig that up and move that forward.

I had thought of 'desktop-base-oldies' but it’d probably be a bit
much to put them all into one. Or maybe not… just make sure it’s
of “extra” priority and possibly from a different source package.

I’m not familiar with how these things are (need to be) packaged,
but I solved my immediate problem by running mc on the .deb from
squeeze and F5ing the files over ;) but I think it’s probably a
one-off effort with only occasional followup actions that need to
be taken, such as the addition of that .xml link group I mentioned.
Maybe we should ask for volunteers in the next DPN? I can ask
madamezou to put this in, if that’s okay for you?

>> And can we pretty please for wheezy have spacefun included in desktop-base? 
>> ;-)
>I think I can safely answer no.

I think I can agree with that, but an arch:all desktop-base-oldies
package in sid which one can just install on wheezy with no trouble
would be definitely cool!

Even if at first it’d just include spacefun (everything else, whatever
it is (I didn’t even realise Debian *had* themes before spacefun), can
come in subsequent uploads).

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