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Re: DFSG-free relicensing of the Debian logo(s)

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 11:58:08AM +0700, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
>  > Also, everyone who has obtained a copy of the logo while it was under
>  > the previous license will be able to continue to use it under the old
>  > license, and distribute it to others.  Considering the very low
>  > likelihood of Debian changing its logo, this change would have close
>  > to no negative effect anyhow: people who really want to have an Expat
>  > version of our logo will be able to find it on the Internet.
> 	This means that, effectively, the “without Debian” logo will
> 	/still/ be available under the old license just as well.

Yes, and there is nothing we can do about that, that is what free stuff
is about, after all, you can't take it back :-)

>  > OTOH, the positive effect of relicensing both logos will be simpler
>  > licensing terms for our logos as a whole and, as a consequence, a
>  > simpler www.d.o/logos/ web page.  Hence my inclination to relicense
>  > both logos.  Before proceeding, though, I'd like to know if in your
>  > (-www/-doc/-desktop) daily use cases you see problems with doing so.
> 	My only concern is that there'll be /both/ Web sites claiming
> 	that the “without Debian” logo is under the Expat license
> 	(consider, e. g., blog posts and the like) and the official page
> 	claiming that it's under LGPL/CC-BY-SA, leading to some
> 	confusion.
> 	Therefore, my suggestion would be to specify LGPL/CC-BY-SA for
> 	both of the logos on the logo page, but add a footnote saying
> 	that the “without Debian” logo could also be used under the
> 	terms of the (less restrictive) Expat license.

Well, one thing if there are places other than our own with de facto old
versions of the logo distributed under the old license. That might be
confusing, but anyone would be able to go to the authoritative source
(www.debian.org) and be reassured about what the current license is.
Whereas adding the note you suggest will de facto correspond to keep the
old Expat license (because it's more permissive) for the old logo, not
helping in uniforming licenses of the two logos at all.

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