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Re: DFSG-free relicensing of the Debian logo(s)

>>>>> Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> writes:


 > Also, everyone who has obtained a copy of the logo while it was under
 > the previous license will be able to continue to use it under the old
 > license, and distribute it to others.  Considering the very low
 > likelihood of Debian changing its logo, this change would have close
 > to no negative effect anyhow: people who really want to have an Expat
 > version of our logo will be able to find it on the Internet.

	This means that, effectively, the “without Debian” logo will
	/still/ be available under the old license just as well.

 > OTOH, the positive effect of relicensing both logos will be simpler
 > licensing terms for our logos as a whole and, as a consequence, a
 > simpler www.d.o/logos/ web page.  Hence my inclination to relicense
 > both logos.  Before proceeding, though, I'd like to know if in your
 > (-www/-doc/-desktop) daily use cases you see problems with doing so.

	My only concern is that there'll be /both/ Web sites claiming
	that the “without Debian” logo is under the Expat license
	(consider, e. g., blog posts and the like) and the official page
	claiming that it's under LGPL/CC-BY-SA, leading to some

	Therefore, my suggestion would be to specify LGPL/CC-BY-SA for
	both of the logos on the logo page, but add a footnote saying
	that the “without Debian” logo could also be used under the
	terms of the (less restrictive) Expat license.

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