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Bug#680583: desktop-base: please demote librsvg2-common to Recommends:

On dim., 2012-07-08 at 19:30 -0600, Luca Capello wrote:
> > I understand an unneeded dep is annoying and can cause problems, but I
> > don't see the 'important' severity. If you're that crunched, kill off
> > desktop-base entirely -- it's just themes ;)
> It is not *just* themes, it is the default Debian graphical dress, so
> something I consider important.  Please note that I discovered this bug
> while trying to have a very minimal installation of the Debian Installer
> BabelBox for automatic tests: given that I am very low on local disk
> space (less than 2GB), every MB counts. 

If you don't have librsvg2-common, svg won't be displayed by GTK+ apps,
full stop.


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