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Re: Opinion poll: artwork for Wheezy?

> From: Sune Vuorela
> Please don't. The issue is settled. This will only bring noise that
> won't help anything.
> /Sune
>  - who neither stepped up in time nor got the wallpaper he preferred

I'm also glad it was chosen a nice wallpaper, but I'm a bit sad that there
was not a poll.
Perhaps taking a poll is unnecessary or harmful, but perhaps it can help to
cheer someone of us who was expecting a poll. :)

To not create noise in this mailing list, I created another mailing list.
It will be open to the public but moderated and used only for the poll. 
If you like it, you can send your vote to: debian7 AT yahoogroups DOT com
You can use the Steven's rules, but I will count only the first two choices

e.g. Vote: FirstChoice SecondChoice

I hope it did not breach any netiquette.
The result of the poll will be sent only to those who participated.

I will wait 3 days (from now) to close the poll.

Have fun!



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