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Re: New artwork proposal for Wheezy - Joy

On 04/05/12 15:56, Adrien Aubourg wrote:
> Hello there !
> I just updated the Themes page as I added my proposal called Joy :
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/Joy
> The idea is to make a very simple and light theme (that's a nice way
> to say I'm not skilled enough to do super-fancy things) with a smooth
> a calm blue gradient. I want to keep the blue as it has been used for
> a long time now.
> I've made 10 proposals with some simple ideas, and used the first one
> for a full debian theme (Plymouth, Grub...)
> I may submit more proposals, but I'd like some feedbacks from you.
> Feel free to provide them !
> All the work is done with Inkscape in svg. No bitmaps or huge
> textures.
> Thank you,
> Adrien Aubourg

Hi. These are awesome! I love the minimalistic and clean look. I would
very much like them to appear in the next stable wheezy version, if not
as the default theme, at least as packages which can be installed

Hell, I would love to see the whole Debian identity (websites, marketing
materials & all) remodeled after these themes!

Is there some place where we can vote on the themes for the wheezy
stable release?

Fita Adrian

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