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Re: theme proposal - LightSpotsOnBlueIce

Am 25.03.2012 um 16:49 schrieb Andreas Berger:

2. The wallpaper is supposed to be ONE picture that works for all
resolutions. So maybe it would be better to design it in 16:9 format and
let Gnome crop it. To make things easier I have made these files:

the short answer is:
it's pretty much the same whether i use a 16:9 that will crop at the sides for
a 16:10 screen or use a 16:10 image that will crop at top and bottom for a
16:9 screen.

the slightly longer answer with my (almost moot) rationale is:
consider screens with aspect ratios of 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, and occasionally 5:4:
a 16:9 wallpaper will be cropped a bit on the sides for 16:10 and a lot on the
sides for 4:3.
a 16:10 wallpaper will be cropped a bit on the sides for 4:3 and a bit on top
and bottom for 16:9.
the latter seems more balanced to me, because the maximum possible loss of
area is smaller, and thus it won't seem overly 'zoomed in' at any resolution.
either way, it doesn't make a lot of difference.

Sorry. You are absolutely right. It really might be a good idea to make just a 16:10 picture, depending on the artwork.
Thanks for the hint. 

For what it's worth, I have made another version of this:
I don't know if anybody is interested in it, but I find it quite useful, especially when it comes to creating all the different resolutions for KSplash.


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