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Re: thinking together artwork to 'Wheezy'

Victor Nitu <victor@debian-linux.ro> writes:

> Until then, I am eagerly waiting for your feedback and ideas. Please
> send your replies to the list, and let me know what you think of it!

> [1]: http://serenitymedia.ro/debian/wallpaper-16-9.png
> [2]: http://serenitymedia.ro/debian/wallpaper-4-3.png
> [3]: http://serenitymedia.ro/debian/wallpaper2-16-9.png
> [4]: http://serenitymedia.ro/debian/wallpaper2-4-3.png

Very nice concept! I loved it!

My preference is the blue with the glow ([1] above) but here are some suggestions:

1. It needs more horizontal lines bellow swirl/note like you see on [3].
   I strongly suggest for five lines to reflect a musical note pad! But
   they could be of variable thickness/distance as you see fit. Line
   shadows are nosy.
2. The glow reminds me of an equalizer waveform graphic. And it stops where
   the Debian swirl is; suggesting what makes the music happen as it
   moves left-to-right on a time-line! Great idea!
3. You do not really need the shadow behind the swirl as it contradicts
   the light coming from the glow...
4. Maybe add a few night stars to the dark blue sky above? This would
   lighten up the image and remind of squeeze's space-fun theme.
5. Needs a bit of thinking if this is suitable for business
   use. Definitely for the music industry! :-)

Keep improving and developing the rest of the theme based on this. 

All in all is a great concept and an excellent candidate.

Menelaos Maglis

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