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Re: nice-ice wallpaper

Hello Everybody,

I'm a new member of this mailing list and wiki too.

I'm trying to do a theme based on the GIMP supernova distorsion effect.

If anybody wants to add a suggestion...


Fabio, I like a lot your NiceIce wallpaper!

Good Job!

If anybody can help me to upload my source into something like http://svn.debianart.org/themes/SuperNovaDebian using SVN?
If not I will try to make a zip with my source an upload it to my Public folder on Dropbox.


El dc 22 de 02 de 2012 a les 17:17 +0100, en/na fab va escriure:
Hi all. (Sorry in advance my poor english...)

I'm a new member of this mailing list.
I used inkscape to obtain a wallpaper for Wheezy.


I hope someone like my work and can add a suggestion 
or develop my idea to obtain an entire theme




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