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Re: multiple themes for wheezy?

Hi Didier,

Considering the large number of Debian derivatives (probably more than 100, and that's without counting the ones derived from Ubuntu), it would be great to have a set of standard tools and packages for rebranding in Debian. That's why I completely agree with your idea.

There are some special purpose distributions --for example ThinStation-- that make the rebranding process extremely easy. You just have to provide a set of files (bootsplash, wallpaper, etc) and a config file, and the tools provided for building customized installation images take care of the rest. This is just an example, and I realize that in Debian this might not be so easy to implement.

IMHO, the rebranding process in Debian shouldn't be more complex than having to perform an "apt-get install debian-rebrand", and then providing the necessary files and running a single script.

I understand that this might be a bit off-topic, but nonetheless I wanted to comment on this since it could be a very nice improvement for Wheezy and future releases (and something quite welcome in the context of the expanding derivatives ecosystem).

Best regards,

On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 12:05:13 -0300, Didier Raboud <odyx@debian.org> wrote:

I would whole-heartedly welcome package-specific branding packages. I'm
wondering if we could not make a sane use of Provides. e.g. :

 Depends: debian-wheezy-theme
 Provides: distro-theme
 Recommends grub2-theme, gdm3-theme

 Provides: distro-theme
 Recommends: grub2-theme-spacefun, gdm3-theme-spacefun

 Provides: grub2-theme

 Provides: gdm3-theme

Then of course, the question of "conditional Recommends" comes back on the
table: we want gdm3-theme installed only if gdm3 is installed.

Opinions ?



P.S. Before going ahead with more planning, ideas should be dumped to a wiki
page for wider discussion, IMHO.

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