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Re: multiple themes for wheezy?

Paul Wise wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of the recent messages on this list made me think again about
> having multiple themes. I propose for wheezy:
> desktop-base rename to/depend on debian-theme
> debian-theme depend on debian-theme-wheezy
> debian-theme-wheezy depend on theme-spacefun (or whatever the winner is)
> theme-spacefun recommend grub2-theme-spacefun, gdm3-theme-spacefun,
> plymouth-theme-spacefun, gnome3-theme-spacefun, gtk3-engine-blah
> theme-lispmachine recommend grub2-theme-lispmachine,
> gdm3-theme-lispmachine, plymouth-theme-lispmachine,
> gnome3-theme-lispmachine, gtk3-engine-lispmachine
> ...
> (package names not set in stone, we should look at how Ubuntu,
> OpenSUSE, Fedora etc do it).

"Theme" and "Branding" are two different things we should maybe handle 

On one hand, we might want the "look" of Debian to be uniform (and easily 
changeable by derivatives); on the other hand, we might want the "name and 
branding" of Debian (with our swirl everywhere…) to be uniform (and easily 
changeable by derivatives).

What about having packages for given "themes" with possible build-time 
"flavours"; e.g. grub2-theme-spacefun would by default build a Debian-
specific grub2 spacefun theme, but could build the same theme with BOSS 
Linux branding when built on BOSS (with dpkg-vendor e.g.) ? We would need to 
specify a common interface for this branding toggle.

> And each theme would be uploaded to the archive as soon as possible
> and updated like any other normal package would. We would send patches
> upstream to any software that we think needs branding so that users
> can easily add/remove branding by adding or removing packages.

I would whole-heartedly welcome package-specific branding packages. I'm 
wondering if we could not make a sane use of Provides. e.g. :

 Depends: debian-wheezy-theme
 Provides: distro-theme
 Recommends grub2-theme, gdm3-theme

 Provides: distro-theme
 Recommends: grub2-theme-spacefun, gdm3-theme-spacefun

 Provides: grub2-theme

 Provides: gdm3-theme

Then of course, the question of "conditional Recommends" comes back on the 
table: we want gdm3-theme installed only if gdm3 is installed.

Opinions ?



P.S. Before going ahead with more planning, ideas should be dumped to a wiki 
page for wider discussion, IMHO.

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