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Bug#607839: Question about copyright/license of the GNOME foot Logo

Le mardi 28 juin 2011 à 15:06 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit : 
> > This means we will have to remove any files containing the logo from our
> > packages, per the Debian guidelines. I’d really like to avoid that since
> > the impact is far more important than the pair of packages we are
> > talking about at the moment.
> The GNOME logo, with and without text underneath it, is copyrighted.
> It's still unbelievably unclear what exact logo uses you're referring
> to.

And it is still unbelievably unclear what exact copyright rules apply
for the GNOME logo and what trademark rules apply.

As far as copyright is concerned, gnome-icon-theme mentions all icons
(including the GNOME foot) are dual-licensed under the LGPL v3 and
CC-BY-SA 3.0.

As far as trademark rules are concerned, the rules you mentioned do not
mention any other version of the GNOME logo than the one with the GNOME

We are talking here about applying the rights that the LGPL grants, on a
logo that is not subject to your trademark rules. So until this
conversation, we naively thought such works were not a problem.

> Combined works like this one:
> http://pkg-gnome.alioth.debian.org/images/gnome-debian-small-trans.png
> are unquestionably wrong. They will need to be removed indeed.

If such works are not permitted this means the foot logo without text is
not free software and we will have to remove it from our repositories as
per DFSG#3.

I’d like to have an official stance from the GNOME foundation before
introducing such a drastic, useless and time-consuming change. I’d also
appreciate if we could discuss this kind of issues face-to-face with
specialists because they are obviously too complex to be dealt with by a
pair of emails.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
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