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Bug#607839: Question about copyright/license of the GNOME foot Logo

Le mardi 28 juin 2011 à 13:45 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit : 
> > It is my impression by reading the guidelines that the foot logo without
> > the GNOME text (as shipped by gnome-about) isn’t subject to the same
> > terms as the one with the text (as shipped by gnome-icon-theme). This
> > would be similar to what we have for the Debian swirl.
> > 
> > So to be more precise, we’d like to know what are the rules (both
> > trademark and copyright) for the GNOME foot logo without the GNOME text
> > under it.
> Again, we'd like to see the logo you're referring to.

I think Francesco is talking about things like the logo on
(I don’t find it in desktop-base though, maybe we ship it in
gnome-icon-theme instead.)

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