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Bug#587668: My Approach is Completely Different...

Hello Again and thank you very much for the quick reply. I have searched the mailing lists about this bug report and read everything I could find. I saw that every discussion was started completely accepting that the open logo license was not complient to the DFSG and continued on what to do and how to do it. However, my approach here is completely different: I want to clearly state that the license of the current logo *IS* FREE and it is perfectly in comliance with the DFSG.

Yes, the license includes a limitation to the use of the logo but the same kind of limitation is also included in GPL itself. Article #4 of GPL is:

"You may convey verbatim copies of the Program's source code as you receive it, in any medium, provided that you conspicuously and appropriately publish on each copy an appropriate copyright notice; keep intact all notices stating that this License and any non-permissive terms added in accord with section 7 apply to the code; keep intact all notices of the absence of any warranty; and give all recipients a copy of this License along with the Program."

This states that you cannot redistribute a piece of software licensed with GPL if you claim that this was created by you or this was not GPL. This is the same limitation as the Logo License puts on the use of the logo. So, if we are removing the use of our own logo from our own distro then we need to remove all GPL licensed software too. Even we do that, even we decide to write everything from scratch and remove all the GPL software from Debian then at the time we accept this, we will also fall in the contradiction with DFSG itself which clearly states GPL as free!

If I take Debian logo and use it as my company logo, it will not violate the terms of the open logo license but it will also violate the meaning of being free. Debian Logo of course must refer to the Debian Project. In the same sense with GPL's limitation that any software created by John Doe should include the Copyright Notice of John Doe himself.

Seeing all that discussions and all that serious decisions made, I am not sure if this subject should be moved to another place other than this bug report and discussed more. I have two serious arguments which I can summarize as:

1. The current license of Debian Logo is FREE and completely in compliance with the DFSG. 2. We should consider adding more clear limitations to the current license of the logo so both the Debian's Image of Identity and the Debian Logo could be protected. 3. We should merge two different license terms for the logo with or without debian, into one; since the seperation, I believe, comes from the misbelief that the license was not free and the need of providing a version of the logo to be used.

 drop the word "debian" from the artwork. What
 do we loose anyway?

Please my friend, come on, please! We lose our own freedom here and freedom worths fighting, not that we are in any kind of fight here. We should not cause people mocking "Debian is free, it is as free as they cannot use their own logo on their own distribution!" I believe the issue not solved and I also believe that to be confident on what we do, we should solve this in complete clearness closing every door for any legal arguments.

As for the theme I am working on, I created a page [http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/BoldDebian] following the contest guides and because it is not finished I didn't add it to the contest page as my proposal. On the wiki page currently there is nothing but only a few sentences about the concept which is being built. I am planning to design a deeply detailed theme in a long period of time. Considering the fact that Wheezy has a long way before being frozen, I think I have several months and it is great. I will add what I am doing continuously on the wiki page expecting feedback positive or negative. Please help me there with ideas, comments, and corrections.

Greeting everybody in the community with the great love of freedom,
A newbie and wanna-be member of the Debian Community.

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