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Bug#587668: Open Logo License and DFSG ARE Compatible...

Lastly, I feel that there is something not right
at removing your own logo from your own release!

According to message 35 of this post, the use of the Swirl with "Debian" "certainly fails #3 and #6, and (to some extent), #8" of the DFSG.

You have another opinion. I am not a lawyer.

But we have the promise "Debian will remain 100% free" in our Social Contract. Being 100% free is one of the key strengths of this distro. I think we should keep that promise.

So if in doubt, I'd say: drop the word "debian" from the artwork. What do we loose anyway? To have the word "debian" in a certain font in a grub background picture or a splash screen - is this worth the fight? We can use another font instead or just the swirl, which is well known to our users.

I am working on a theme to send for the contest
for Wheezy

Looking forward to see it! ;-)

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